In which Scott Tumbles.

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I don’t want to write a dissertation. 

Can’t I just  do some reading and then have a chat with my supervisor about the subject?

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speaking of that earlier interaction, 

I really really hate it when my experiences are devalued against theirs. 

Like, they say doing drama is good to put on the CV. 

I said “Well, clearly not” 

and the instant reaction was “no well mate it is shows you’ve got [whatever] and lets you talk about [bollocks] in interviews”. 

I didn’t follow it up but my first thought was “and I have joblessness as evidence to the contrary” 

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My family’s visiting and the phrase “looks good on the cv” was used so frequently about me, 

and like, it made me realise who important and positive it is to get out of that mindset, 

because no matter how many “good for your cv” things I do and put on my cv, I remain virtually unemployable. 

And so everything I used to do sort of stopped having meaning for me, because I was thinking of all of it as an invested against future jobs that has never- and will never satisfactorily- payed dividends. 

Now I’m doing things because I want to do them, and because it actually satisfies something in me, I’m happier doing each thing. And I just never think about whether this will help me get a job anymore. I do linguistics because I love it. I do stuff in drama because I love it. 

And I just don’t ever want someone to ask me about job prospects ever again. 

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Joffrey is my favourite Throne-Gamer, because he’s a massive petulant child-like adult and I find the whole arrangement pitiful, terrifying and hilarious. 

I pity Joffrey for his relationship with his parents. 

I am terrified by his lack of empathy. 

I find him hilarious in his being a complete asshole. His assholery is so extreme and ridiculous that it is catharticly hilarious. 

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The question is, do I go get some food and stay up for another hour(ish) and potentially write a little bit more dissy-t or do I go to bed and attempt to sleep?? 

Consider in your response: tomorrow I plan to do some household chores, including mowing the lawn and replacing a toilet seat. 

thanks in advance. 

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I had two really good posts in my head and now they’re gone. 

We will never know. 

Anyway, back to work.