In which Scott Tumbles.

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Now it is day.
Finished my 4 hrs + an extra 1.5 hours!! (Whoopee).
Feel less exhausted than I was expecting. bodes well.

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I woke up and near enough immediately felt MUCH too warm.
Its already like 20 degrees outside.
Sunrise isnt for another 40 minutes.
I need to leave now.

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Watching The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey and wondering if this prequel will explain how and why Bilbo Baggins went from this to St Bart’s and then on to a life of solving crimes.

That’s hinted in Desolation of Smaug and fully covered in There and Back Again.

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lioncalledparsley asked: UHHHHHHH I THINK WE HAD MUTUAL FRIENDS?????

I have just worked out what this is in reference to.

We had many tumbl friends in common, yes. I believe there was a group parsley praising and I decided to follow you.

Good Vlog btw, very enjoyable. Informative and entertaining.

Ssshhh. I’m asleep.

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